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Meet Hyuk

Before he is a real estate agent, he is a son of God and father of 2 beautiful souls.
Honesty, Integrity, and Tenacity are 3 key words his clients see in Hyuk.
He specializes in Residential & Commercial Real Estate and Business Asset Sales. He serves buyers and sellers in Phoenix Metro.
He is a former fashion designer and product developer and spent most of his careers in NYC, the fashion capital of the world. He holds a bachelor's degree in fashion design & textile and an associate degree in marketing & merchandising. He's been buying and selling real estate since 2004 as a private investor and has run E-commerce business since 2012. All along, his priority has always been "Client First" approach and tirelessly practice this core value to this day. 
With his experience, negotiation skills, and most importantly, his care and devotion to his clients every step of the way, your success is guaranteed!
Give him a call today so he will listen to your story! Yes, he will listen to you story first before diving into real estate because he firmly believes that real estate is a "PEOPLE BUSINESS".
It is all about people and team effort!



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